Almost one century ago,in 1920, Yasujiro Tange founded a company using his family name "Tange" that would become one the most iconic brand in bicycle industry. Tange pioneered forks and CrMo frame tubes, that quickly became associated with the high standard of Japanese quality.

Today, after more than 90 years in the bicycle industry, the new generation of Tange decided to pay tribute to the man who wrote history by creating their own bike brand called Yasujiro, using the legacy of CrMo tube. Yasujiro perfectly blended between tradition and modernity, aims for cyclists who want to (re)discover the distinctive experience of riding steel. 

SINCE 1920


Precision, innovation and consistency are the most notable feature of Yasujiro philosophy. Yasujiro frames are made by Tange. Famed for their exceptional high quality management with extensive in-house testing to ensure the highest quality and perfection of each products are maintained at all times. Resulting a combination of superb rigidity, light weight, longevity, and timeless comfortable riding.